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Lasher Hacksaw Blades_South African hand tools

Lasher SABS Approved Hacksaw 3-Packs

When Great Things Come in Three’s – there’s a Hacksaw nearby… Snip, snip… stuck? Cutting through different materials can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t have the right tools for the job. The activity can become dangerous if using the incorrect blade. Here’s where the Hacksaw blade comes in... Hacksaw blades have been [...]
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Unfair Game – A Documentary Series

Unfair Game – A Documentary Series Unfair Game is a documentary series that shines a light on South African Manufacturers' daily struggles. We strive to show consumers the hidden truths behind why the local manufacturing industry in South Africa has seen the most significant decline in the last few years. The primary goal of these [...]
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How to build a vertical vegetable garden frame

How to build a vertical vegetable garden frame What is a vertical garden? Before answering the question of how to build a DIY vertical vegetable garden frame, one needs to know what exactly a vertical garden is. In essence, vertical gardening is a method of growing plants by making use of vertical space as opposed [...]

How to Store Shovels, Rakes and Spades – easy DIY projects

The Importance of Garden Tool Storage Organising one’s gardening tools and getting them out of the way can be a challenging and time-consuming task, but most definitely not impossible. Though these tools are used outdoors, they should be arranged in an efficient storage and organisation system, to ensure they last and can perform their given [...]