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Human Influence Podcast - Forged By Lasher Tools

Human Influence Podcast – Forged by Lasher Tools

Discover the ins and outs of South African brands and what it takes to be them.

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To pay it forward, Lasher believes it’s important that local brands and manufacturers get the spotlight and share their stories and truths so consumers develop that product appreciation and love for the grit behind their household brands.

Let’s Talk About Human Influence.

Human Influence is SA’s first podcast that is helping consumers understand the nitty-gritty of the everyday brands they love – so that they can love them even more.

Proudly forged by one of SA’s longest living legacy brands, Lasher Tools, Human Influence looks at the hard-won resilience of a brand: what makes local businesses tick, what makes SA brands lekker and, mostly, what makes us, the consumer, continue our long-term love affairs with brands that have stood the test of time.

On this show, we discuss the real stuff that consumers want to know, should know and never thought to know.

“I never knew that. I want to know that. Why has nobody ever told me that”

Human Influence aims to meet our guests at an honest, human level, examining the processes businesses go through to deliver the quality products and services that South Africans deserve.


It’s all about leaning in and connecting.

Come hear the stories. Learn about the real stuff that you want to know, should know, and never thought to know. Discover the ins and outs of everyday South African Brands and what it takes to be them. To download Human Influence, go here.


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For more than 90 years, Lasher Tools has been the leading manufacturer of high quality hand tools in Africa.

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