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Every site is as good as its weakest wheelbarrow!

So often the most basic things are taken for granted. The light switch that seems to work endlessly to create light when you need it, the chair you sit on that holds you up as you work behind your desk for year after year …and that wheelbarrow that works tirelessly and endlessly on site after site for year after year ….or does it?

Just as the light switch that fails and the chair that breaks can have consequences and cause frustrations (or in the case of the chair, some real damage) – do you ever consider the implications of the breakdown of the humble wheelbarrow? Well we say every site is as good as its weakest wheelbarrow …and here is why. Does a landscaper or a construction manager, who thinks they save on buying an inferior wheelbarrow actually save money? …or effectively lose it?

The breakdown of just one wheelbarrow can…

Waste valuable man hours while a replacement is sought or bought…
Time is money so cost is a factor – money is lost in the process…
Deadlines are compromised and so are reputations – People expect contractors to use the best equipment.

So having established that the breakdown of the humble wheelbarrow can have real consequences, what should building and gardening contractors look out for in the purchase of a good reliable wheelbarrow?

It has solid reliable wheels! – As the old saying goes “everything was going so well until the wheels came off.” Don’t let it happen. Ensure your wheelbarrow of choice has great wheels
It has a 5 year guarantee! – I guess you didn’t think such a thing was even available. Well, it is now with the new Lasher Ecobarrow. So unique and revolutionary is its make-up and design that it can confidently offer this.
It is lightweight – This same wheel barrow has some amazing design features like a nylon frame which, coupled with a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pan, makes it light and maneuverable. Added to that, it has an ergonomic handle designed to fit the contours of the hand for a comfortable grip, even when the pan is fully loaded.

It is environmentally friendly – In these environmentally challenging times, when the planet is under such threat, recyclable products can assist. Contractors in any field of construction or gardening should be looking for ways to ‘go green’ wherever possible and the Lasher Ecobarrow is a great start.

With a sincere hope that we have convinced you that every site is as good as its weakest wheelbarrow, why not switch to the best wheelbarrow on the market? Contact us for more information on this and our multitude of similarly innovative, high quality products. Partner with Lasher and the wheels need never come off again!


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