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Top 4 tips to keep your garden tidy this winter

South African Homeowners: how to keep your Garden Tidy through the Winter


Ah, winter! The time for warm drinks between cold hands, spending time under plush duvets and a crisp morning walk. The best part of winter is having to do absolutely nothing outdoors, and we get that most people prefer to stay out of the icy wind and rain. But gardens are a funny thing, that don’t simply shut down when the temperature drops a little. Winter can be a great time for hibernating in doors, but that doesn’t mean that you should let your garden get overgrown. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Unlike other parts of the world, winter gardening in South Africa is not all about hibernation and waiting for spring. It is a time to nurture your plants, maintain your garden and prepare it for the next growing season.

While winter might not be the best time for plants to grow, it’s still a great period of rejuvenation in the garden. According to The Gardener, during winter the sap flow in plants decreases rapidly and plants begin to grow a lot slower than they would during the summer months. But slow growth doesn’t mean no growth (also an important life lesson) so it’s vital to maintain your garden during the winter months. And one of the essential tools for keeping your garden tidy during winter is a rake.

A rake is a horticultural implement that consists of a pole and a toothed crossbar. It is commonly used to draw together leaves and cut grass or smooth loose soil and gravel in your garden. This handy tool has many uses in the garden and is a must-have in every garden shed. In this article, we’ll discuss five ways to keep your garden clean during winter with Lasher Tools’ rakes.

  1. Remove Fallen Leaves and Debris

Temperatures are dropping, and so are the leaves! The first and most obvious use of a leaf rake is to remove fallen leaves and debris from your garden. Fallen leaves can become a breeding ground for pests and diseases and suffocate your lawn and plants. Raking and removing them from your garden helps keep it tidy and healthy.

To effectively remove fallen leaves, you need a strong and durable rake. The Lasher Combination Rake is made of high-quality materials that withstand harsh conditions. Their heads are made of a high-quality polyethylene, boasting high levels of flexibility and elasticity, ensuring it won’t snap, and always bends back into place. The handle is crafted from coated steel, ensuring comfort and durability when raking for extended periods of time.

When raking leaves, start from the perimeter of your garden and work your way towards the centre. This will prevent you from stepping on the leaves you’ve already raked and making a mess.

  1. Aerate the Soil

Aerating the soil involves creating small holes in the ground to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate deep into the soil. This helps to loosen compacted dirt and stimulate root growth, leading to healthy plants and is vital for maintaining a healthy garden.

Lasher’s steel garden rake, manufactured from a high-quality carbon steel, coming in both 14 and 16 teeth, are suitable for soil aeration. They are designed with short, slightly rounded tines (to ensure it doesn’t damage the roots of your existing plants in the ground) that can penetrate the soil easily, making it easy to aerate. Aerate your soil by raking it in a back-and-forth motion, creating small holes.

  1. Prepare Garden Beds for Spring Planting

The early bird sure does catch the worm, and winter is the perfect time to begin preparing your garden beds for their spring blooms. Raking your garden beds can help loosen the soil, making it easier to add fertiliser and soil amendments. It also helps to remove any weeds or debris that might interfere with the growth of your plants.

A rubber rake can be useful in the garden for a variety of tasks, but its best use is for raking up debris such as leaves, grass clippings, or small twigs. The rubber tines of the rake are gentle on the lawn and can easily gather up debris without damaging the grass or plants.

Once you’ve raked your garden beds, add soil amendments and fertiliser to the soil. This will help to improve soil structure and provide nutrients for your plants. The rubber rake is also useful for spreading mulch or compost over garden beds, as the flexible tines can easily move the material around without causing damage to delicate plants. Additionally, the rubber rake can be used to level soil or gravel, or to smooth out areas of soil that have become uneven.

Lasher rubber rake to keep the garden tidy

  1. Maintain your Lawn

Your lawn may become dormant during winter, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect it. Keeping your lawn tidy during winter helps to prevent diseases and pests from taking hold. One of the best ways to maintain your lawn during winter is by raking it regularly.

In addition to raking, you should also consider mowing your lawn regularly during winter. This helps to prevent the grass from becoming too long and suffocating. However, ensure you don’t cut your grass too short, as this can damage the roots and cause them to die off.

Choosing the right rake can be a headache, but we’ve got a few considerations that will help make it a walk in the park.

Choosing the Right Rake

While raking is crucial for maintaining your winter garden, using the right rake can make all the difference. Lasher Tools offers a range of rakes suitable for different gardening needs.

  • Size: Consider the size of your garden and the areas you need to rake. A more extensive garden will require a wider rake, while a smaller garden can make do with a narrower one.
  • Material: Rakes can be made from materials such as steel and poly. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Tines: The rake’s tines are crucial in its performance. Consider the length and strength of the tines when choosing a rake. Rakes with longer and stronger tines are better suited for heavy-duty tasks such as raking hard soils and stones, while shorter and lighter tines are better for raking leaves and softer soils.

By choosing the right rake for your winter garden, you can make raking easier and more effective. With Lasher Tools’ range of rakes, you will find the perfect one for your winter gardening needs


Winter gardening requires a slightly different approach in South Africa, with the moderate climate and the delicate needs of specific plant life dictating a change in method. South African gardens need a little nurturing and tender loving care during the winter months to prepare it for the next growing season and maintain its health and beauty.

And with a different approach comes different tools, each specifically designed to effectively nurture your garden. Using Lasher’s extensive range of rakes, you can make winter gardening more manageable and more effective. By removing fallen leaves, aerating the soil, clearing debris from garden beds, preparing your garden beds for spring planting, and maintaining your lawn, you can keep your garden tidy and healthy during winter. Ready? Get out there, grab your rake, and start gardening!

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