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Prize(s) and Duration of Competition
7.     The prize(s) shall consist of: A R5 000 hardware store voucher. The voucher will be made out to the store that the winner purchased their Lasher product from.
8.    The Competition starts on Monday, 19 August 2019 and ends on Monday 30 September 2019. All entries must be received by 12midnight, 29 September 2019. All entries received and/or made after that time shall not be eligible to be entered into the Competition and shall be disqualified. There may be a charge incurred even though the entry is not accepted as valid.
Cost and Method of Entry
9.    The cost is R1,50 per SMS entry. However, all costs incurred by you to the entry are your personal responsibility. There are no refunds for any entries, which are received by Lasher Tools/Pitch Media which are ineligible and/or after the deadline. Only the following methods of entry to the Competition will be accepted by Lasher Tools/Pitch Media
10.     To enter the competition the entrant must Purchase, between 19 August 2019 and 29 September 2019, any Lasher Product and SMS “Lasher – Full Name and Store” to 33031. Entrants must keep their receipt as proof of purchase should they be drawn as winner.
Prize Winners
11.    The winning entries will be selected on merit by Lasher Tools/Pitch Media no later than Monday 30 September 2019
12.    There shall be no independent supervision of the Competition and all decisions are at the sole discretion of Lasher Tools/Pitch Media
13.    The decision of Lasher Tools/Pitch Media  as to the winners of the Competition shall be final.
14.    No entrant can be awarded more than one prize per competition.
15.    The winners will be notified by direct messaging or telephonically within the timescale specified below unless Lasher Tools/Pitch Media  decides at its sole discretion that the timescale for notification needs to be extended for any reason.
16.    Any prize has to be accepted and taken by the person who is awarded the prize before 15 October 2019. After that date, no prize shall be available to that person and at Lasher Tools/Pitch Media, sole discretion another eligible person may be selected for the prize.
17.    The prize can only be awarded and/or taken by the person whose name is provided at the time of prize confirmation of the Competition. There is no cash available as an alternative to any prize, nor is Lasher Tools/Pitch Media obliged to exchange and/or transfer any prize to another person.
Changes to Terms and Conditions of Entry and Prizes
18.    Lasher Tools/Pitch Media reserves the right at its sole discretion to withdraw and/or substitute any prize at anytime for any reason. Lasher Tools/Pitch Media may replace and/or substitute any prize with any products, goods, services and/or cash which it decides is appropriate in the circumstances.
19.    Lasher Tools/Pitch Media may at any time decide to change, cancel, amend, vary, delete, add to and/or otherwise alter the terms and conditions of entry, the prizes and/or any other part of the Competition. Lasher Tools/Pitch Media shall not be required to send separate notification to each person who has and/or may enter the Competition. It shall be sufficient that details shall be available on the social media platforms.
Assignment and Moral Rights
20.    It is a condition of entry that the person entering the Competition agrees and undertakes to assign to Lasher Tools/Pitch Media the sole and exclusive intellectual property rights including copyright whether in existence now and/or created in the future and any other rights in all media throughout the world and universe in all the material entered for the Competition (except their personal details) [including but limited to any text, film, photograph, and/or otherwise] for the full period of copyright and any extensions and/or renewals and in perpetuity.
21.    Lasher Tools/Pitch Media shall have the right to assign, licence and/or commercially exploit the material in any form and the person shall not be entitled to receive any sums. No rights of any nature shall be retained by the person who entered the Competition.
22.    The person who entered the Competition waives the right to be identified as the author of the material submitted for the Competition. It is agreed that Lasher Tools/Pitch Media may be credited as the copyright owner and may assign, licence and/or commercially exploit the material in any form and the person shall not be entitled to receive any sums.
Personal Information
23.    The personal details which have been submitted for the Competition will be held by Lasher Tools/Pitch Media. This information will only be shared with third parties involved with the Competition for the administration of the Competition and/or the supply and delivery of the prizes. The personal details will only be held for 24 months (2 years) from date of competition entry and will then be destroyed and/or deleted.
Force Majeure and Law
24.    Where for any reason beyond the reasonable control of Lasher Tools/Pitch Media the Competition cannot be carried out and/or completed as planned and/or advertised. Then Lasher Tools/Pitch Media reserves the right to cancel the Lasher Competition at any time and in such event shall not be liable to any person for any reason who may have entered the Lasher Competition. The total liability if any such be the cost of the postage, email, and/or text, which in any event shall be the participant’s responsibility.
25.    The terms and conditions of this Competition shall be subject to the Laws of The Republic of South Africa.
26.    All entrants shall have their name, picture and answer published on Lasher Tools social media platforms [Facebook and Instagram].
27.    All entrants agree to the following publicity and marketing: [Online/social media platforms].
Contact Details of Company
28.    The contact details of the Company are 7 Sigma Road, Industries West, 1401.

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