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If Only I Had The Lasher 4×4 Combo

DIY Dave – Our New 4×4 Combo

I’m really stoked about our recently launched spade and axe combo. These two tools are must-have 4×4 and outdoor companions. So what’s so special about our tools?

We put some serious thought into the size of the tools for easy storage, and as always, they are made to last. Our spade and axe head boast a green powder coat finish and the axe handle is our renowned poly handle.

Not too long ago, one of my off road buddies called at around 1am in quite a panic. There was an off road dirt bike track which we occasionally used to “test” our off road capabilities, a couple of kilometres outside Jeffreys Bay where I stayed at the time.

It was a raining-buckets kind of month in July and the track was one giant pool of mud – already a challenge to navigate during the day, so a nightmare to navigate at night.

My buddy and his friend had decided that it was a good idea to attempt the track with his Landy in the wee hours of the night after a braai and a dare.

The Landy made it through some of the mud pools with no problem and my buddy increased in boldness with every successful completion of an obstacle. The inevitable happened as they underestimated one of the pools and got miserably stuck. Seeing as it was already around midnight, their options for a friendly helping hand were limited. After trying to get themselves out for more than an hour, they finally decided to call me.

I drove to meet the guys, not knowing the extent of their predicament. After driving around the track for a while, I discovered the stranded pair, only by spotting a faint little fire in the distance. The Landy was almost window deep in the mud, the men hunched around an excuse of a fire pondering the events that led to their current situation.

I stopped close by to inspect the situation and my assessment led to me joining them next to the fire. We had no spade to dig the Landy out and the only option would be to tow it and hopefully free it from the lake of mud.

The whole ordeal took about 3 hours of braving the cold and the wet, and the worst was that we did not even have an axe to chop some decent firewood to keep warm.

Every time I look at our spade and axe combo, I remember that you never know when you could end up needing these tools, so best to have a trusty set under your seat.


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