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Be water conscious

If you’ve been reading or listening to the news lately you’d be faced with headlines like these: Concerns as Cape Town’s dam levels continue to drop and will Cape Town be the first city to run out of water? So, the question is, how do you keep your garden looking lush in the midst of […]

Have a Lasher summer!

Summer! The season of braais, cold refreshments and thundershowers (if you live in Joburg that is). For most people, myself included, Summer is their highlight of the year. I mean who can resist cracking open a cold one, the smell of smoke in the air as you get down to the age-old tradition of cooking […]

If Only I Had The Lasher 4×4 Combo

DIY Dave – Our New 4×4 Combo I’m really stoked about our recently launched spade and axe combo. These two tools are must-have 4×4 and outdoor companions. So what’s so special about our tools? We put some serious thought into the size of the tools for easy storage, and as always, they are made to […]

Tree Hugging Tool Makers Help Schools Celebrate Arbor Day

As South Africans celebrate Arbor Month this September, Lasher Tools will be donating THIRTY trees to two schools in Gauteng. The first stop was at the Diepsloot Combined School in the north of Johannesburg, where 16 indigenous trees were planted on Spring Day, 1 September 2017. The school has become a beacon of hope for […]