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Lasher rubber rake to keep the garden tidy

Top 4 tips to keep your garden tidy this winter

South African Homeowners: how to keep your Garden Tidy through the Winter   Ah, winter! The time for warm drinks between cold hands, spending time under plush duvets and a crisp morning walk. The best part of winter is having to do absolutely nothing outdoors, and we get that most people prefer to stay out [...]
Human Influence Podcast - Forged By Lasher Tools

Human Influence Podcast – Forged by Lasher Tools

Discover the ins and outs of South African brands and what it takes to be them. Listen to the latest episodes here:   To pay it forward, Lasher believes it’s important that local brands and manufacturers get the spotlight and share their stories and truths so consumers develop that product appreciation and love for the [...]
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Lasher SABS Approved Hacksaw 3-Packs

When Great Things Come in Three’s – there’s a Hacksaw nearby… Snip, snip… stuck? Cutting through different materials can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t have the right tools for the job. It can even end up being a dangerous activity if you start cutting with the wrong blade. Here’s where the Hacksaw [...]

Unfair Game – A Documentary Series.

Unfair Game – A Documentary Series. Unfair Game is a documentary series that shines a light on South African Manufacturers' daily struggles. We strive to show consumers the hidden truths behind why the local manufacturing industry in South Africa has seen the most significant decline in the last few years. The primary goal of these [...]
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How to build a vertical vegetable garden frame

How to build a vertical vegetable garden frame What is a vertical garden? Before answering the question of how to build a DIY vertical vegetable garden frame, one needs to know what exactly a vertical garden is. In essence, vertical gardening is a method of growing plants by making use of vertical space as opposed [...]

How to Store Shovels, Rakes and Spades – easy DIY projects

The Importance of Garden Tool Storage Organising one’s gardening tools and getting them out of the way can be a challenging and time-consuming task, but most definitely not impossible. Though these tools are used outdoors, they should be arranged in an efficient storage and organisation system, to ensure they last and can perform their given [...]

What to plant in your garden: The Ultimate Guide

What to plant in your garden: The Ultimate Guide What should I plant? This question is best answered by consulting a gardening calendar to see which seasons certain plants will do best in South Africa. By doing this, one will be able to see the best results and enjoy the products of their hard work [...]
Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring

Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring

Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring With spring around the corner and perhaps a dull-looking garden – we’re all thinking the same thing! It’s time for a Spring Garden makeover that will brighten up your garden and probably your mood too. Gather your fork and shovel and let’s get straight into it with tips to [...]
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Spot Quality, Quicker.

Spot Quality, Quicker. Now its even easier to spot your favourite local Pick Head brand! We’re picky about quality, which is why we want our customers to rest assured that they’re working with the very best when buying Lasher Tools. Luckily, we’ve made identifying our quality products easier than ever before, by making our tools [...]

How to prepare your garden for Winter

How to prepare your garden for Winter After the rush of Spring planting, and the peak of Summer’s bountiful harvest, it’s tempting to shut your garden’s gates and let nature take its course as we head into the colder months. However, if you would like to reduce the amount of work facing you during this [...]