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Lasher is Keeping Local Alive with Okapi & Vicker Tools

Lasher LOVES local production! We are passionate about sustaining the South African economy and its people. Our goal is to create as many jobs and keep as much money as possible inside the South African economy in order to help our beautiful country grow, while exemplifying the premium quality goods that we can produce locally. This is why Lasher decided to purchase two exceptional tool engineering companies- Vicker and Okapi.

Webinar: Creating and Sustaining Local Brands

Webinar: Creating and Sustaining Local Brands

Two weeks ago our MD, Ian Kendal, took part in a Proudly South African webinar on Creating and Sustaining Local Brands. He gives us a brief story of Lasher’s history, and how we have created a credible brand, by sticking to our roots, and believing in our nation.

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Podcast – Lasher Interviews

We go behind the scenes and have conversations with our clients and end consumers. We dive into what they do and find out how Lasher Tools contributes to their business and how they support and contribute to the local economy, manufacturing circles and production in South Africa.   EPISODE 16 Meet our metal masters. In […]

DIY with Elle-Essential hand tools everyone should own

18 August 2019 Have you ever been so excited about starting a DIY project that you bought a cool toolbox only to arrive home and realise that you neglected to fill it with essential tools? Or perhaps you already own a toolbox, but it’s currently filled with a bunch of random bits and bobs, leaving […]

DIY DAVE – When all you have is a hammer

The often used quote that "when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail" is a good one. But I believe that if ALL you do have is a hammer, you better use it. Become a sculptor I have always admired metal sculptors and handmade artisans who bend and mould and shift [...]

Neels Viljoen accepts the Health & Safety award

Neels Viljoen accepts the Health & Safety award from MAKROSAFE Holdings on behalf of the Germiston factory. This is a great achievement for Lasher and shows the dedication to not only the best quality products but also to create the safest working environment possible for our people

Off the Beaten Track with our Lasher 4×4/Camping Kit

4x4ing is more than just a hobby, it’s a way of life. That exhilarating freedom, the rustic magic of sand, water and rocks is a definite stress reliever in the craziness of this 21st century world. I recently went on a 4x4 trail in Piesangskloof just an hour away from Lanseria Airport. Piesangskloof is situated [...]

Be water conscious

If you’ve been reading or listening to the news lately you’d be faced with headlines like these: Concerns as Cape Town’s dam levels continue to drop and will Cape Town be the first city to run out of water? So, the question is, how do you keep your garden looking lush in the midst of […]

Have a Lasher summer!

Summer! The season of braais, cold refreshments and thundershowers (if you live in Joburg that is). For most people, myself included, Summer is their highlight of the year. I mean who can resist cracking open a cold one, the smell of smoke in the air as you get down to the age-old tradition of cooking […]