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3 Top reasons to hand water your garden

3 Top reasons to hand water your garden

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“Why stand around watering when you can switch on a sprinkler?”

If you’re wondering whether hand watering your garden is an unnecessary job, you’re not alone.

But hand watering has some compelling benefits that far outweigh the time it takes and could make it the best choice for getting your garden into its best shape.

Here are our favourite reasons to get your hands on the hose.


Saves water

Sprinkler’s spray everything – from your weeds to your paths. In large gardens, where you need water to be more evenly distributed, a sprinkler may be a good option. But for smaller areas or beds with a variety of plants, this isn’t necessary.

Hand watering gives you more control of the amount of water you use, so you can make sure you only use the water you need and no more.

Using the right tools for the job plays an important role in this.

Lasher’s adjustable nozzle Pistol Sprayer has a stop valve that automatically cuts off water supply for fast and easy nozzle changing without water wastage.

Leaking due to broken or poor-quality connectors or nozzles is a common cause of water wastage too, which is why investing in high-quality nozzles, connectors, adaptors and sprayers like the Lasher range is important.


  • Prioritize younger plants and seedlings. Older plants will survive longer without water.
  • Water outside of direct sunlight hours to prevent the water from evaporating before it can be absorbed.


Gives plants what they want

Watering is not one-size-fits all.

By hand watering, you can water each plant according to its specific needs – in terms of water amount and pressure.

Lasher manufacture a range of adjustable pressure nozzles, from a 5-pattern sprayer to 5 and 7 setting sprayers to get the right amount of pressure from a jet stream to a light fan spray effect.

No more under or over watering. Hello, happier, healthier garden.

And, because your watering is focused on your plants, it’s not getting to your weeds, which means less of them. Win!

Tip: Make sure your pressure setting allows you to water close enough to the roots without causing erosion. Having the water pressure too high removes important soil overage, which can cause exposed roots to dry out quickly.

Having the right tools to hand water your garden efficiently makes all the difference.
Lasher’s range of hose fittings and sprayers are made to exceptional quality standards that you can count on.


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