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Don’t you hate it when your gardening tools are a mess and every time you walk into your garage you trip over the rake! That is why, today’s episode is “How to make a Gardening Station! Out of a pallet! Because its very fashionable to make things out of pallets! You will need: A pallet, […]

How to make your own Green House with SuzelleDIY
January 26, 2016

Today we are in the garden with SuzelleDIY! Do you want to grow your own herbs and veggies? Let Suzelle show you how to creatively make a green house using Lasher Tools – some, in an unusual way! Have fun and let us know how your green house turns out! For more DIY & Gardening […]

How to Transplant Plants
January 14, 2016

Welcome to another video of “Love your Garden” In this video, Bev shows us to transplant three types of plant Agapanthus The Iris, and Tulbaghia For more garden videos, go to our Gardening & DIY app or visit our Youtube page

How to make a Hanging Basket
January 14, 2016

Welcome to “Love your Garden” with Lasher Tools. Love your garden is a series of DIY and Gardening projects easy enough for anyone to do. In this video, Bev will show us to make a hanging basket for our garden or for our patio garden. For this project we are using strawberries but you can […]

How to make a Vertical Garden with SuzelleDIY
January 14, 2016

Are you looking for something creative to make? Maybe you want to give your boring balcony a make over, maybe you want something to help hide the sight of the neighbours undies hanging on their balcony or maybe you are just craving a bit of greenery in your life! Lasher has a project just for […]

How to make a Cinderblock Bench with SuzelleDIY
January 14, 2016

Lasher wanted a fun, easy and creative way to show you how to use our tools, so what better way to do that than to the use the oh so funny and very creative SuzelleDIY! And to add a little extra humour, we included the hilarious Marianne. She shows you more of “what not to do” with […]