What spins our world

Don’t you hate it when your gardening tools are a mess and every time you walk into your garage you trip over the rake! That is why, today’s episode is “How to make a Gardening Station! Out of a pallet! Because its very fashionable to make things out of pallets! You will need: A pallet, […]

New Generation Awards Radio Interview
March 10, 2016

As you will remember, in November 2015 Lasher bagged a Silver Award at the New Generation Social and Digital Marketing Awards for the Most Innovative App in South Africa for 2015 On 15 February Lasher Tools attended a radio interview on HOT91.9fm and chatted to the great Stephen Paxton about the Lasher App and what we did […]

Lasher Wins “Most Innovative App”
January 14, 2016

The New Generation Awards which attract some of the country’s leading social & digital media experts, not only recognise the agencies but also the corporates and their in-house marketing teams that were fundamental with the initialisation of the concepts and campaigns at hand. These awards have become prominent ‘must attend’ fixtures amongst agencies and corporate […]

Gardening & DIY App
January 14, 2016

The Lasher Tools App is your perfect gardening and DIY companion! Whether you are into gardening or DIY, the Lasher Tools App gives you access to fantastic gardening tips and practical DIY projects. Packed with nifty features such as weather notifications to warn of bad weather and planting calendar tips, you will never be left […]